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vitepress-sidebar is an ESM module. If your project is using CJS, you will need to convert it to an ESM module.

For more information about the ESM module, see below:

To address these issues, there are several solutions below:

Solution A

If you are trying to use it with a CJS project, change the file extension from .js to .mjs and try again. You can define that you want to use the module script for a specific file.

Solution B

in the package.json file, add the line "type": "module" line. This may require the project to be converted to an ESM project.

  name: 'docs',
  type: 'module', // <-- Add this
  version: '1.0.0',
  scripts: {
    dev: 'vitepress dev src',
    build: 'vitepress build src',
    serve: 'vitepress serve src'

Released under the MIT License